Younique Pigments and My Current Progress

Hey everyone!!!  I want to talk about one of my absolute favorite Younique products, the mineral pigments.  In the picture above I have a picture of myself where I used the pigments to put fun streaks of color in my hair!  I love it so much that I am actually considering coloring my hair permanently the reddish color!

The pigments are hands down the most versatile of all the Younique products.  You can use them like I did and put colorful streaks in your hair or how about using them in a clear lip gloss to make a beautiful lip color?!  For the lip color I just dip my clear lip gloss in the pigment and then applied straight to the lip, or you can put the pigment actually straight into the gloss to change the lip gloss permanently.  The streaks in my hair I just took Younique rose water and spritzed my bigger makeup brush and then dipped it into the pigment and then brushed it on the hair.

That’s not all, there is so much more you can do with them!  Use them to make a gorgeous eyeshadow look or how about making a stunning nail polish color?!  Once again just put the pigment straight into the polish and shake or put your brush straight into the pigment and then apply to the nail.  You can also use them to make a awesome look by painting your nails a base color and then taking a sponge with pigment color on it, and pressing the pigment down on the tips of the nails while the polish is still wet, to give a nice ombre effect.

My last and favorite thing to do with some of the pigments is use them to highlight the cheek bones and the bridge of the nose.  My absolute favorite pigment of all, is the pigment in curious, curious is just a nice sheen and almost colorless pigment that gives a nice glow, highlighting certain areas of the face.  This can also be done with the pigment in sexy because sexy is a light pink color and gives a nice highlight too, but curious works the best in my opinion.

One last thing that you can do with the pigments is use them for a cheek color or blush.  How to do that is pretty self explanatory so I’m not going to get into it much.  There truly are endless possibilities with the pigments and I’m working on collecting them all.  Younique pigments come in matte and shimmer.  I have collected all the shimmer ones and have about half of the matte ones, but am definitely getting them all.

I want to briefly mention my current progress with Younique because I believe it’s an awesome idea to be able to look back in the future and see how far I have come and to also give people reading what it’s like to be a full time Younique presenter.

I am currently yellow status but am going for pink this month.  I have five more days to hit my goal and hit pink.  I now have six ladies underneath me and actually got a new recruit today, her name is Candace.  I was super excited when she joined because I wasn’t expecting it and it made my day!  🙂 I am $445 in sales away from hitting pink and I can get those by myself or by the people who I have signed up selling.  I only have one girl who has selled anything at all and she has sold about $500 in product this month and I have sold about $1700.  I need $2000 in company sales to hit pink but how it works, company sales are only 75 percent of all sales, mine and everyone below me.  The reason it is only seventy five percent is because my commission of 25 percent gets figured in.  I am worried I won’t be able to make it in time, but $445 in sales is actually very doable in five days.  I am offering everyone discounts on everything in hopes of getting those last sales that I need.  So if you are interested in anything go to my link here and then message me on facebook under Adrienne Amiss and let me know what you’re interested in so I can get you that discount.  I know for a fact I am doing twenty dollars off collections, and actually it’s a really good deal, especially in the cloud nine collection because, that collection already has a huge discount as is and all collections are currently coming with a free cream shadow in dainty until the end of month only.  You will also be able to get your liquid foundations in the collections which are not available by themselves currently.  This is the last month you will be able to get free shipping on over fifty dollars, starting March 1st it goes back to free shipping over $100.  You will also get this awesome cute pink makeup bag.  I would love to help you pick the colors perfect for you and I would definitely love your business and support.  Lastly I want to leave you with this picture of me with my Periscope info, I go on there often and show off Younique makeup and listen to music and just talk. Facebook-20160224-105631

Once again, thanks so much for stopping by and until next time!!!  🙂


Younique Flash Sales

I haven’t posted recently but a lot has happened since my last post.  I am on track to hitting pink status for March and I have got a couple more women on my team!  I’m super excited about this because as of now, only one girl on my team Is actually doing anything with her business, so I could use the help in hitting my company sales for the month, to help hit goals.  I’ll explain how this process works a little bit, and then I’ll go on about how a flash sale works.

So Younique has several statuses to hit, and it starts with white status and goes all the way to black status.  Each one having different criteria to be considered that certain status.  Right now I am considered yellow status, which is just obtained by selling a thousand dollars worth of product.  Next that I am going for is pink status, in which I only have to sell two hundred and fifty dollars in product, have one qualified presenter underneath me and have as a company two thousand dollars in company sales.  Company sales, however, are calculated a little different then your personal retail sales, company sales is seventy five percent of your sales as a company, which include you and everyone beneath you.  The reason it is only seventy five percent is because, twenty five percent would be your commission, so that gets taken out.  I have done well over my required two hundred and fifty dollars in sales by myself, but if the people underneath you aren’t selling, you have to make that up yourself.  Currently this month, I have about eighteen hundred dollars in sales or more, and one girl has about five hundred dollars in sales, so my company sales are at about sixteen hundred dollars.  So I have made up a lot of the company sales that the people underneath me aren’t doing.  But I am right on track to pink this month, or even a little ahead.  I am actually third as far as points, for the cruise in October, out of my whole upline and people beneath me, and that is thousands of people, so I am actually doing quite well, and my personal sales are still on the top ten out of my entire upline and downline.  I just wanted to write a little about this because I am using this blog as kind of a journal to be able to look back at my progress and also to maybe give readers an idea what a day in the life of a new presenter is like.

Ok so now onto the topic at hand, flash sales.  I actually attempted a spur of the moment flash sale tonight and I was somewhat successful, but not as successful as my last and first one.  I believe my previous success was because I gave people plenty of warning I was going to have a sale and not just a couple of hours like I did tonight.  I had a little over a hundred dollars in sales tonight and only two people bought, but the one lady bought four items, so it worked out alright.

A Younique flash sale is usually when a presenter breaks down a collection that is already discounted and then sells the items individually and marks them down, so the customer doesn’t have to buy a whole collection and can buy just certain items out of it.  Sometimes they throw in items they may have in their own personal inventory as well.  Most presenters break down the cloud nine collection because it has a greater savings then any of the other collections and that way the presenter can give a bigger discount to the customer.  Right now is an especially great time to do a flash sale because Younique just announced they were giving a free cream shadow in dainty away with every collection, so now that’s one extra item that goes for twenty six dollars, that can be sold discounted and gives a little more cushion to discount the other items a little more too.

So once the presenter post all the items individually on their group or page, and after the flash sale is over, then the payment is collected usually through PayPal or over the phone by credit or debit, then the presenter takes that money and places the order for the items, in the colors of choice of the customers, and has it mailed to themselves.  Then once the collection arrives to the presenter’s house, then immediately the presenter mails it back out individually to each customer.  I always make sure I mail an item back out immediately so that I have happy customers, and happy customers mean returning customers.

I have a few items still available from the flash sale if anyone is interested.  I had to go ahead and order the colors in the items i feel are the most popular.  One item that i cannot believe was not sold is the palette one, this seriously is the most beautiful palette i have ever seen!  It normal sells for forty nine dollars plus five dollars and fifty cents shipping plus sales tax, but you can get this beauty through me for thirty five dollars plus four dollars shipping and tax!  If interested please comment on this blog a way for me to reach you or add me on Facebook at Adrienne Amiss.  Here is a picture of this beautiful palette! 8f83b8c1832c0792e5d800a2a08e6c44

Well that is all for tonight! Please take a look at the products at or even possibly join my team!

Younique Pigments…

Let me tell you about Younique’s best kept secret, the pigments!!!  Oh em’ gee, I’m in love and that’s no exaggeration!  When everyone thinks of Younique they think of the 3d fiber lash mascara, but there is so much more then the mascara!  The eye pigments, in my opinion, are underrated.  There are several colors to choose from, which come in matte and shimmer colors.  Let me tell you the best thing, the price!  They are the most reasonably priced Younique makeup at $12.50 each or 4 for $45.  The reason the price is so reasonable is because they can be used for much more then just eyeshadow.  You can mix them with a clear gloss and make your own lipstick, mix them with a clear nail polish and make your own polish, put streaks of fun color in your hair, use them as a blush and also you can use the pigment in curious as a highlighter for the cheeks, nose and forehead!  The list can literally go on and on but I don’t have all night and I’m not planning on boring the crap out of you, lol.  🙂  So let me just show you a chart of all these amazing colors:


I am currently working on collecting all of the above!  I have most of the shimmer colors and a few of the matte.  I use the curious pigment more then any other makeup because of it’s versatility.  Leave a comment or go to my link here to look at the products or order.  These bad boys are a must in every ladies’ makeup collection!

Anyways, I just want to take a short second to write about what has changed or happened with my business in the last few days, because I’m using my blog as sort of a journal of my progress with Younique, so I can go back in a year and see how far I’ve come!  🙂

I had a crazy productive day today!  I made a few sales and I’m already halfway to my goal, to reach my next promotion!  So it looks like I’m on the right track to hitting pink by the end of this month!  I also had a new girl join my team tonight, it was sort of a surprise but a great one!  Not only that, but she purchased a few items from me because I was able to give her an awesome discount!  So I’m really hoping that she turns out to be the rock star she’s sounding like she’s going to be, because from here on out I’m just looking for ladies who are super serious in changing their life completely!  As of a few days ago I was 7th in sales in my company, and at the top of the list with the most recruits, in fact, here’s a picture of my current progress.


This chart was of a few days ago, that’s the last time it was posted, so hopefully on my next blog I’ll have an updated one, because I’m almost to $1000 in sales already for this month.  If you feel this type of business is for you, I’d love to talk with you some more to see if this would be a good fit!  I’d love to have some determined, passionate, strong women to add to my growing team!  So go to my link above and go to join, or if you’d like more info add me on Facebook and I can hook you up!  My Facebook is under Adrienne Amiss!  Hope to talk to you soon, and as always, thanks for stopping by!  🙂

Girls Night Out Collection Special!!!!

Hey everyone!!!  Thanks for stopping by!  I want to thank you ladies for following me and liking my blog, even though I’m a pretty terrible writer, lol.  So the picture above is the Younique Girls Night Out Collection, it retails on my site, and any Younique presenter’s site for $145.  You can go to my site here and check out the collection, but for stopping by and reading my silly blogs I’m going to give you this collection for the special price of $110!!!!  All you have to do is either comment here and let me know how to get ahold of you or find me on Facebook, Adrienne Amiss, and message me and mention that you found me through my blog and I’ll give you this amazing price!!  What you’ll get:  One lipstick, One precision pencil (either eye or lip), One pressed powder or cream foundation, One Minerals Pressed Blusher, One 3D Fiber Lash Mascara, One Splurge Cream Shadow,, One Brow Liner or Brow Gel and One Makeup Bag.  For an added bonus you’re going to get free shipping and also another added bonus you’re going to get the Shine Makeup Remover Wipes that retail for $20.  What’s not included is the eyelash curler that’s pictured above but I think that will be the least of your worries out of everything pictured and the amazing makeup remover wipes.  You’ll still get the 14 day money back guarantee!  What’s to lose?  This special price is only for my blog readers and you can message any other presenter and ask them if they’ll give you that price, I bet they won’t.  😉

Hope to hear from you soon and thanks for stopping by!!!  🙂

Hostess Wanted!!!


Hey everyone!!!  Sorry I didn’t blog yesterday but like I said there’s ups and downs in this business and yesterday was definitely the worse day I’ve had as of yet, I didn’t make a sale, I didn’t get a new presenter, nothing happened.  It was a really bad day, and honestly you’ll have days that you don’t sell a thing.   Especially in the beginning, I’m just learning as I go.  I did have a few people message me and one who said she was going to join for sure, well those all fell through.  I had one lady who was looking forward to ordering yesterday, so I had her call me, and her card wouldn’t go through, so I lost that sale.

Usually, you order straight from my link, but if I’m having a sale, you need to call me in order to get those discounts, so I can use…

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Hostess Wanted!!!

Hey everyone!!!  Sorry I didn’t blog yesterday but like I said there’s ups and downs in this business and yesterday was definitely the worse day I’ve had as of yet, I didn’t make a sale, I didn’t get a new presenter, nothing happened.  It was a really bad day, and honestly you’ll have days that you don’t sell a thing.   Especially in the beginning, I’m just learning as I go.  I did have a few people message me and one who said she was going to join for sure, well those all fell through.  I had one lady who was looking forward to ordering yesterday, so I had her call me, and her card wouldn’t go through, so I lost that sale.

Usually, you order straight from my link, but if I’m having a sale, you need to call me in order to get those discounts, so I can use my ycash on your order.  I had one lady also call wanting to order but she didn’t want to put her card info in on the site and of course didn’t want to do it over the phone either, because I’m also putting it straight into a computer.  Younique does however have the option to pay through PayPal and I informed her of that, but nothing worked out for me yesterday.  The few days before yesterday were a totally different story, I had insane success, so you just have to take the lows with the highs and just keep your focus on the light at the end of the tunnel and what you’re going for and working towards.

Ok, now for the subject at hand.  I am looking for ladies who would like to host a online virtual party and to earn free makeup.  How it works is I make a group and you add all your lady friends on Facebook, the more friends the better of course.  I require at least a 100 friends added to the party.  That’s all you have to do, is add your lady friends and I will do the rest!  🙂  You can however post right along with me, those are usually the more successful parties, one’s in which the host is involved and active in postings.  You will have your very own party link in which to send your friends, and that’s how we keep track of what you have sold and keep it separate from my orders.  In order to qualify you have to sell at least $200 in makeup, that’s not my requirements, that’s Younique’s.  Here’s a chart of the rewards you will get for your participation:


If you are interested in hosting a party for me, add me on Facebook, Adrienne Amiss, I’m probably the only one out there so it shouldn’t be hard to find me.  🙂  Message me and I will set that up for you immediately.  Actually you can go right to this link to find me on Facebook.

I can’t wait to begin in helping you start to earn free makeup!  It’s a great way to get that item you’ve been eyeing for the longest, but can’t afford.  Another way is I can give you a link to send your friends too who are interested in the mascara, and if you sell five mascaras to your friends, you get yours for free.  So you can go about it whichever way you’d like, just let me know and I’ll get you hooked up!

Another thing I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned, tomorrow night I’m having a drawing for a free mascara.  You get one entry for adding ten friends to my beauty group, two entries for adding twenty, three entries for adding thirty and so on.  I will have the video posted on my Facebook tomorrow night of the drawing, so get to adding those ladies to my beauty group!  There’s no limit on how many ladies you can add, so if you add 200, you get 20 entries!  The most I’ve had as of yet, is 100 ladies, so they received 10 entries!

I believe that’s all I have for you tonight, if you would like to check out the products, go to my link here.  After you’ve picked out everything you’re wanting to order, find me on facebook and message me so I can see if I can get you a discount, and then I’ll have you call me so I can apply my ycash to your order!  🙂

That’s all I got for tonight, once again, thanks for stopping by!  🙂

Younique Fast Start Program

Yes, you read right, I hit fast start with Younique!  I hit it late last night and I couldn’t be more excited!  Fast start is when you sell two thousand dollars worth of product and sign up three presenters within the first three months of joining, but I did it in almost exactly a month!  They give you $250 of y-cash to spend on Younique products for whatever your little heart desires!!!  So I’ve been passing on discounts to my customers and started today off by doing buy one product get one half off!  I had a pretty successful day in sales because of the discounts, that I will probably be doing the same thing for one more day!  If you’re interested in getting the awesome savings add me on Facebook under Adrienne Amiss and I’ll add you to my beauty group!  Everything gets better each and everyday and it’s getting to the point that I’m making enough money to actually live on.  So soon I will probably be going down to one day a week at my other job and I will not miss it one bit!

I left off yesterday in my blog saying I had got a new girl and she’s super pumped to start selling Younique products, but later on in the night I added one more girl that I think joined just to get the kit but I was okay with that because that got me to fast start!  You will get that a lot in this business, people just joining to get the kit, but I’m really needing the girls that are eager in changing their lives and making a career out of this.  I want ladies that have a passion for makeup and are willing to do the work it takes to make it straight to the top!  If you feel that is you, leave me a message in the comments or add me on facebook and lets get down to business!  You have to be willing to eat, breathe, live Younique for the next couple months until you get things rolling.  I will teach you everything you need to know to get there but I can’t put that into action for you, you have actually got to do the work, but at least you can do the work from your couch or bed!  If you feel like this could be you and are a go-getter and are ready to get things going click here and go to join, I will get an email that you have joined and I will be contacting you immediately!  You couldn’t have a more determined sponsor and will get you to the top if you are willing to do the work!

That’s all I have for you today folks, and as always, thanks for stopping by!!!  🙂

It Just Keeps Getting Better!!!

Today was by far the best day I’ve had with Younique as of yet!  I am one presenter away from hitting the fast start program that only six percent of presenters even hit!  Fast start is when you hit at least $2000 in sales and sign up 3 people in less then 3 months.  I’ve accomplished all of that except I need one more presenter.  I’ve only been doing this a month, so to have got to this point so fast is truly an awesome accomplishment!  So if anyone out there is reading who would help a sista’ out and sign up under me, I’d be forever grateful!  🙂  lol  You not only get the kit that Younique sends you which is over two hundred dollars in makeup, you’ll get a bunch of makeup from me!  All you have to pay is the $99 dollar start up fee, which ends up being around $110 after shipping and taxes, but you never have to pay a thing again, and you’re not required to sell a thing to keep the kit!  Here’s a picture of everything you get in the kit:


And then I’m sending you also a bunch of free products for joining also!  If interested in helping me out and possibly changing your life for the better, you can join here.

Anyways, back to why today was the best day ever for me as of yet!  I had someone else join my team today!  She’s been talking about joining forever but hasn’t done it yet until today!  She’s super excited to get all the makeup and to begin selling!  I also had my biggest sale as of yet, I had someone buy $180 dollars worth of products, so that was super exciting for me!  It’s just been a great day all around and I’m very happy all my hard work is really starting to pay off.  I also started a contest in my group today, so if you’re not friends with me on facebook, be sure to add me and I’ll add you to my group.  I’m having a drawing Sunday evening for a free 3d fiber lash mascara, and to be entered all you have to do is add ten people to my group, to get two entries you add twenty, and three you add thirty and so on.  Look me up in facebook under Adrienne Amiss, and I’ll add you to my group to get you in on that!  🙂

Haven’t had much negative today in the Younique world, I did have a couple people say they were wanting to order and we talked forever about what they were going to get and I let them know I could get them a discount, and then after talking for over a hour about what they were going to get, they just disappeared.  I have noticed that happens a lot with this, people will message you and say how excited they are that they’re going to be joining tomorrow and then you message them the next day and then something always comes up.  Same thing with people saying they’re wanting to buy something and then you don’t hear from them again.  I have learned to take what people say very lightly and not count on them doing as they say, because over fifty percent of the time in this, they back out and you never hear from them again, or they tell you something came up unexpected, etc.  You’re going to get that with any direct sales business, not just Younique, I didn’t know it came with the territory but I know now and am getting use to it.

I would love to hear any ideas any of you have on how I could get people to want to join my team or to help my sales?  Besides paying for your kit, what would make you want to join?  Please put your ideas for me in the comments and thanks to everyone for stopping by!  🙂



I’m Building My Empire

So today was a decent day in the Younique world.  I made a couple sales, so that’s always good, what’s not good is commission is running behind, which hasn’t been a problem until last night.  I had an order late last night that I’m still waiting on the commission from, and usually they’re really good about getting that commission to you at exactly three hours after the sale.  It was a big day yesterday for Younique because we launched in France and they were selling the welcome back presenter kits for inactive presenters, and also made them available for current presenters, so they were swamped with orders.  Besides that, everything is great.  I still just have one girl under me and supposedly another one is joining tomorrow, but I have learned to not get my hopes up, because a lot of times people back out last minute, or say they’ll join in a couple days.  I understand life happens, but it does get a little discouraging when you’re counting on someone joining and then something comes up.  The girl that is under me however, is doing very well.  She’s really liking this and I can see her really succeeding and going to the top.  It’s all about being consistent and she’s doing just that.  I also had a girl that wanted to earn free makeup so she decided to do an online party and she’s doing amazing, I think she’ll be an awesome presenter at some point!

I have my good days and my bad, even days when I don’t sell one thing whatsoever!  But I just keep going because I am building my empire and I know I will succeed!  It is very possible having this as your only job, and be able to survive off just the income from Younique.  There are people doing very well off of it and I plan on being one of those people.  Did you know eighty percent of women who make over 100k a year work in direct sales?    I plan on being one of those women, and it can happen sooner then you think!

I’m not saying this to try and get you to join my team right this second, I’m saying this because I know it’s very possible and know women who have done it!  It’s definitely not for everyone, there’s a lot of time that goes into this, and I don’t think people realize just how much, that is, if you’re wanting to succeed.  By succeed, I mean, living comfortably.  I breathe, eat and sleep Younique.  I actually have had a couple women who are selling Younique message me and ask how I’m doing so well, so early on.  It’s really not that hard, you just have to want it, and you have to want it, really really bad.  I’m always thinking of new ideas to expand my network, this blog being an example.  You can’t get discouraged and you got to just keep on chuggin’.  Eventually it will all fall into place.  The compensation plan does work if you work the whole business, by not just selling product, but by getting women underneath you.  There are women on my upline who have only been doing this 6 months and are already making more money then I probably could dream of.  If you’re wanting to make really good money doing this, you better be prepared to make this like a full time job, and spend as much time on this like you would a full time job.  I heard awesome advice on a YouTube video Sheri Brown did, who is an elite black status with the company, and that is to make office hours.  Have hours set that you devote to this and after a certain time don’t do anything with the business, put the phones and laptops away, leave that time to spend quality time with your family.  That’s really hard for me, very difficult actually, however I do think it’s great advice, and once Younique is my full time only job, I’m going to do that, but for now I’m going to work on this every second I get.

This isn’t going to happen overnight for me and I know that.  I believe that’s how people get discouraged so easily, not getting to their goal immediately.  I know it’s going to take a lot of time and a whole lot of effort, but I’m going to do this and I’m going straight for the top!

You can join me or you can watch me!  😉

How Younique Has Been Going For Me

So you might be wondering what it’s like in the day of life for a Younique presenter, or you may not, but I’m going to tell you about it anyways! 🙂 Today is late February 1st almost February 2nd, which marks my first full month with Younique.  It’s been an interesting ride, in the least.  Yesterday I told you why someone should join Younique and the perks, but today is different, this isn’t going to be me telling you, “please, please, PLEASE join my team!”.  Nope actually, everything I tell you might not even be considered fantastic like all presenter’s make it out to be.  Yes I want a team with a huge downline that extends to from here to the pacific, but I am going to keep my dignity while doing it.

It hasn’t been exactly as easy as I have thought it would be, I mean, not like it’s hard posting pictures and posts on Facebook all day long, but I’ve definitely have spent more time on it then I first thought I would.  Not everyone spends a lot of time on it, it’s not required, but I want to be successful in this business, and in order to do that, I’m going to have to put a lot of effort into it.  My effort has consisted of non-stop messaging, posting, blogging, brain storming new ideas, doing videos, taking selfies and watching how others have succeeded on YouTube.  I never EVER have been a morning person, and now it’s to the point that I’m setting my alarm in the mornings to wake up earlier then usual and I am staying up later at night, making sure I get everything done and feel accomplished.

So what do I do all day as a Younique presenter?  I wake up in the morning first thing, and make sure I post something to my beauty page about a product.  I sometimes post something and then go back to sleep, but the most important thing in this business is to be consistent, and the only reason I know this is because I’ve watched hours and hours of YouTube videos.  🙂 I’ve earned a decent amount of ycash, so I use that as a way to give my customers a discount, to give them a reason to shop with me, versus any of the other thousands of presenters.  So I usually do a deal of the day post mid-day.  I try and post at least three times a day, but usually way more because just because I posted that I’m having twenty dollars off of collections that day, doesn’t mean everyone was on and saw that when it posted, so I’ll usually try and mention it again somehow.

Lets see, how else do I spend my day?  I have a notebook in which I write down everything that I need to remember.  I go over it and message everyone I need to message back, they might have said earlier in the week they were going to join Friday or wanting to buy the foundation Saturday, so I try and keep notes, because trust me, if you try and remember everything, you will fail, and you will fail tremendously.  It is absolutely impossible to remember who is all wanting to sign up what day, or buy something the next.

I do have another job, another job in which I have already been able to cut my hours back.  I wait tables at Olive Garden and soon hope that comes to an end.  Every since I have become a presenter at Younique, I have found myself getting more and more annoyed at work and hating going in there even more.  I use to love to work there, but now that I have had a taste of what it’s like working for yourself, I dread going in that place.  My goal is to eventually be able to quit there, or at least only go in once a week, like a Friday night.

So far everything has been going pretty well for me, I was 8th in my company in sales for the month of January and I am now considered yellow status.  Yellow status means you have sold over $1000 in product.  I have almost completed the fast start program too.  That is when you sell over $2000 in product and sign up at least 3 people within the first 3 months.  Well I am at over $1800 in sales and have signed up 1 person.  Initially I didn’t focus on getting any new presenters on my team, until I realized how important it is if you’re wanting to make the big bucks.  Supposedly a few more people will be signing up this week, but I have learned not to get my hopes up because more times then not, something comes up.

So basically I am doing this day by day and seeing where this journey takes me.  I plan on taking this all the way to the top.  I want to put that in writing so I’m accountable to the people who are watching.  There are people who do this for a living and support their whole family, there are people who have became very well off with this.  You have to take the good with the bad and keep on persevering.  In the meantime I’m going to keep on chuggin’…

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